Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ted Cruz is Douglas, David Dewhurst is Lincoln.

Well now, Raffy Cruz wants to replay the Lincoln-Douglas debates between himself and the Lt. Governor.  For the moment, let's set aside the fact that Cruz' arrogance seems to know no boundaries, since there are two other serious candidates in the race and according to one recent poll, Raffy trails both Lizzy "Aimless" Jones and Tom "the Acorn" Leppert in the four way race.

Since Cruz was born in Canada, he may not be up on his American history; you know, the same way he was not up on his father's activities in Cuba pre-1960.  But some of this might make sense:

Lincoln & Dewhurst? I mean they are both tall, lanky fellows who come from very humble beginnings.  Both are thoughtful and enjoy the big picture.  Both men understand war - Lincoln was commander in chief and Dewhurst is a Veteran.  Lincoln understood that intelligence was the key to defeating the south and Dewhurst?  Hey, he's ex-CIA baby!

Now consider the OTHER comparable...Raffy Cruz & Stephen Douglas:

Douglas was known for his  "his hard-hitting oratorical style" and was considered a dandy dresser and was known for his vanity and arrogance. 

How funny, so is Cruz!  Could Raffy Cruz have been Stephen Douglas in a past life?  Could be, could be...

A coupla things to remember:  Douglas's views and actions (i.e. the Kansas-Nebraska Act) helped lead to the Civil War.  And Douglas died at aged 48, Cruz is what, 41?  Hmmm.....

Cuban hot wind (with a cold canadian blast) vs. substance.   Texas doesn't need a circus like show to know they'll pick substance every time.