Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Warning, Warning, Warning

Danger Will Robinson!  Doufus Douchebag Dick Armey is summoning his troops to invade your home via the telephone.

Yes Dick Armey, the North Dakota native who has been sucking on a government Tit most of his life, is summoning his faithfowl to have a "phone day" for Raffy Cruz on December 15th.

For those of you who thought this bozo buffoon had left the national stage a decade ago, he's reinvented himself through "FreedomWorks" as he latches onto the Tea Party movement to try to make a buck, and somehow define what is Conservative.  Most Tea Party faithful would chop him up and throw him into Boston Harbor if they really knew about this douchebag.

Armey was in on the coup against Speaker Newt Gingrich and then was the one who had his staff rat the others out to Gingrich once the yellow steak on his back took over.  Armey endorsed Kay Hutchison for Governor of Texas last year over Rick Perry and Debra Medina. In 2002, when he quit the U.S. House, he tried to hand his seat in Congress off to his son.  Sonny boy was then routed 2-1 by now Republican Congressman Michael Burgess.

Besides being the chair of FreedomWorks, Dick Armey was a senior policy adviser (i.e. Lobbyist) for DC-based lobbying firm DLA Piper, whose recent and/or current clients include "pharmaceutical maker Bristol-Myers Squibb Company - you know a company that lobbied for Obamacare.

When Armey was in Congress his kids all had jobs related directly or indirectly to his being in Congress.  Talk about nepotism.  Honest to god, his fat mug ought to be next to the word "Hypocrite" in the dictionary.

Armey was at a christmas party in North Texas the other night talking the virtues of Raffy Cruz and some elected official shot him down fast for politicking.  "He's still a buffoon" was the reply I got from somebody who was at this festive get together.

So screen your calls tomorrow because Dickless Armey is invading your privacy.  Like most Texans, we wish he'd return to the frozen wasteland of North Dakota which spawned this wretched creature.