Friday, October 28, 2011

SSSSSSS...the Cruz wife Cometh.

Wow! Just when you thought it was safe to focus on the World Series, Raffy Cruz joins the flat earth society and attacks his own wife's past extra-curricular activities.  All in one fell swoop.

Mmm-mmm-mmm.  My, my, my.  What tangled webs Raffy weaves. We'll let you read the full writeups on good old Raffy's amazing comments on the Council on Foreign Relations - you know that group where "liberals" like Kenneth M. Duberstein (President Reagan's chief of Staff) and Colin Powell (patriot and public servant extraordinaire) serve on the Board of Directors - at the bottom of this post.

Anyway, since Cruz called the CFR a "pernicious nest of snakes" and "a pit of vipers" and since Mrs. Cruz was an active member of the CFR until this past June, we recommend that Raffy sit down and watch an oldie but goodie from the past:  the movie "SSSSSSS" circa 1973.

In this cheap horror flick, seventies stud muffin Dirk Bendict gets turned into a cobra (literally) by a mad scientist and then is immediately killed by a mongoose.  We think Cruz should watch it, just so he knows what might be on the mind of the Miss-suz.

And Raffy, we also recommend that you go to bed with snake bite repellant for a while and oh, it might not hurt to hire a food taste tester for those days you have to have a home cooked meal (at home).  You know, someone expendable.  Maybe Jason Johnson?