Friday, November 4, 2011

Calamity Cruz wakes up to polling reality

Well, just when Raffy Cruz's campaign was trying to propagate thos bogus poll numbers cranked out by Daron Shaw over at UT (it was an opt-in internet poll, which are the "polls" that destroyed the reputation of the Zogby poll), low and behold, the Dewhurst campaign comes out with REAL poll numbers.  And of course they show Dewhurst smokin' the field with right at 50% of the vote.

And Raffy Cruz?  Sittin' right at 6% of the vote (which is what most genuine surveys show him at) in THIRD place.

Yup Cruz is all blue smoke, mirrors and magazine covers.  Here's the link where you can read it yourself:

And in honor of hapless Raffy, he's our new Calamity Jane.  he's always been in love with himself, now his "secret love's not secret anymore."