Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does Cuban Canadian Rubber Meet the Fiscal Road?

Very soon, the Texas Senate will hear a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention (ConCon)  - to submit a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution for ratification (to the states) requiring the federal government to have a balanced budget.  Now, I can think of $14 trillion reasons we need this - namely our national debt. 

This idea has been around since the 1970's because Congress spends like a bunch of drunken sailors in a Frisco whore house.  They promise, promise the amendment but never deliver.  So the States are ready to take matters into their own hands to restore fiscal sanity to our country.  So who could be against such a logical and fiscally responsible idea?  Oh, the screaming meanies of the Texas Eagle Forum:

Cathie Adams (before)

Pat Carlson

Currently, the Texas Eagle Forum is bombarding State Senate offices with phone calls and the writings of the national head of Eagle Forum –poor, 86 year old self-professed constitutional expert Phyllis Schafly. Now old Phyllis claims that a ConCon will lead to the elimination of the 2nd, 10th and 14th amendments, move criminal trials to the World Court and lead to famine, locusts and the bubonic plague. Please!

Phyllis is so out of it the scarf she wears on her head is really a Depends diaper to catch the brainooze coming out of her helmet hair.   You can literally hear this woman's arteries hardening.

Texas Eagle Forum is run by Pat Carlson of Fort Worth, a no-college-degree defeated legislative candidate who was known as "Dingbat Pat" when she is was a Tarrant County GOP Chairman.  Pat wears funeral home dresses (that tie in the back) because she is merely the puppet of former longtime Texas Eagle Forum head Cathie Adams, who last year was booted out as Texas Republican Party Chairman.
Cathie Adams (after)
Adams is trying to raise her profile since she knows that Schlafly will be 'dust in the wind' at an Illinois crematorium sooner rather than later.  She's angling to be National head of Eagle Forum as soon as Phyllis goes to room temperature.  Heaven help the Far Right.

So what will poor Raffy Cruz do?  He has been charming the likes of the extremist far right types and loves to brag about his 'scholarly' constitutional credentials.  But if Raffy sides up with the old hags of the lunatic fringe on this issue, he ticks off the business community, Taxpayers, Tea Party members - you know, the overwhelming majority of the GOP electorate. And until he's deported back to Canada, he is running for the Senate.

Like Karl Malden used to say in those old American Express commercials, 'What will you do, what will you do?'

What with this slick Canadian do?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cruz Campaign Issue Derailed

Well, well it looks like U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson launched the initial ruling against Obamacare without the wisdom or sage legal knowledge of Rafael 'Ted' Cruz.  Amazing!

Now, this baby has got to wind it's way through the courts all the way up to John Roberts & the Supremes.  But it will be essentially decided before Raffy could ever get to the U.S. Senate.  So without his "export" litigation skills and his "Hah-vahd" connections being needed, what good would his lack of experience provide in the USS come January 2013 on the issue if health care?

Answer: Nothing whatsoever.

But in Canada, their healthcare is all screwed up.  There was the guy who needed a heart transplant over in Winnipeg - and they tried to put the transmission of a '64 Chevy in his chest.  That sounds like a job for Super Cubanos Lawyer!