Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Poll Out - Cruz continues to be crushed.

So despite all the national bru-ha-ha that Cruz has stirred up, all the speeches made in Washington, DC andd the Facebook ads, Cruz is still pulling only 10% of the vote in the latest internet poll that those yahoos over at UT ran.

I know, internet polls were probably invented at the clown college in Sarasota, Florida.  But they are often useful predictors of what is to come, what expectations really are.

"Please email in your poll answers"
So at this point the wannabees and the know-it-alls think that Cruz is a sure loser - getting only 1 in ten votes.  That's a long, long, long way from 51%.

Still, it is probably more accurate than the BS poll the Ron Paul nerd was spreading around the week before last.  Numbers like that sure won't get you a one on one debate with the Lite Guv.