Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Cheater

Cruz was the only Senate Candidate using debate cheat sheets.
Those that attended the recent recent Texas Public Policy Foundation/Empower Texans U.S. Senate Debate in Austin noticed one thing:  Rafael 'Ted' (Raffy to us) Cruz was using notes and papers in the debate.  Candidates were told 'no notes.'  Cruz loves to brag and point out his debating skills and how he was a 'champion debater.'  So it's not like he doesn't understand that debates have rules.

The moderator should have called him on it, because it was so obvious even people at the back of the room noticed Cruz shuffling his cheat sheets.  The fact is that Cruz cheated.  The guy who whines and pines about other candidates not participating in all 577 candidate forums in east podunkville and beyond does not play by the rules.

So for all future debates, we'd like this sign posted directly in Cruz' line of site:

It may not make Raffy Cruz any more honest, but it may remind others to keep an eye on this shifty eyed 'Cuban by way of Canada.'  And if Cruz gets caught doing it again, we'll work to get copies of this book distributed to future debate attendees:

It's a must read for anyone trying to understand Raffy Cruz and his campaign!  It's available on and at many fine local book retailers.  The forward should be dedicated to Raffy Cruz.