Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Ted Cruz luzin' it?

Is Ted Cruz going bald? See for yourself:

Man, that sure is looking thin. Here's another vantage point:

Yuppers. That scalp and it's folicles are goin' south for good.  Maybe takin' a trip down Havana way.

Well, for a big massive Canadian Cuban ego like Rafael 'Ted' Cruz this could be devastating.  Probably expalins why he yells 'FREEDOM' and 'LIBERTY' so damn much, he just can't bare the thought of anyone looking at that ever growing forehead of his.

Fortunately for Rafael 'Ted' Cruz, there's help.

That great whiz from the 1980's, Ron Popeil, has a solution.  Handy hair in a can.  Now some think that this crap looks like someone took a whiz on your head.  But when you're Ted Cruz, a man on the go trying to save Texas, you have to make due until you can venture out to the Betty Ford Clinic for a hair transplant and some lipo.

And Rafael, it's so easy, just watch Ron do this on himself.  Hell, even Josh Perry or that email thief working for you could handle this:

One good spray can and you might look like this:

Yikes!  Well, at least the guy above really is a Texas Hispanic (even if he might be SSO).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cruz plant knife in Senator Cornyn's back

Well Raffy 'Ted' Cruz apparently will sell his soul for a U.S. Senate.  Apparently he may have sold his vote.  Seems he is not willing to say he'd support soon-to-be Senior U.S. Senator for Texas John Cornyn for a leadership post in the Republican Caucus.  Cruz isn't even close to being elected and he's already putting a knife in the back of the man who would be his only Republican colleague.

Why?  Seems Club for Growth darling a super right winger Jim CeMint of South Carolina wants to run for Republican Leader or Whip.  So it begs teh question:  what did Raffy Cruz do to get his endorsement and that of the Club for Growth libertarians? Perhaps committing to throw a fellow Texan overboard in a leadership fight?

Cornyn has stayed out of the primary fight - so far.  It will be interesting to see if Cruz can push him into doing otherwise.