Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mista Single Digits

So at the big game last night, we're in the long line for a hot dog and who but who is right in front of us none other than a big gun pollster here in Texas.  Since we have eons to wait we strike up a chat and the conversation eventually leads to everyone's favorite naturalized Texan by way of Canada, Raffy Cruz.

Seems Mr. Pollster has been polling in a number of legislative districts where there are going to be hotly contested Republican primaries.  And Mr. Pollster has been throwing the US Senate question on for grins.  His findings?  Poor Raffy Cruz is waaayyy back in the single digits.  In virtually every district he trails the Dew, Mayor Leppert and even the poor hapless Elizabeth Ames Jones in many districts.

And Mr. Pollster said this was even before factoring in the 'Carrillo Curve.'  What's that you say?

Texas Republicans lie about voting for Hispanic candidates.

Oh, the Curve is named in honor of ex-Railroad Commissioner Victor Carrillo, who lost renomination last year basically because of his last name.  There's certain chunk of voters who lie to pollsters and won't admit that they would never vote for an ethnic minority.  In the Republican Primary it is the other elephant in the room.

Mr. Pollster says it is hard to establish the curve yet (too early), but the end result will be the same.  Mr. Pollster says when you calculate how Cruz is running a way too far to the right campaign, spending as much time gathering support in Washington DC as he does in Texas, when you add in the Carrillo Curve, Cruz has, "Virtually no chance at all, somewhere just under 1% chance of bering the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate."