Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Chair

A story from a supposed ex-Solicitor General's office employee we ran into.:

"On those rare days that Raffy Cruz was actually in the office (as opposed to traveling about on the taxpayers dime promoting himself) he used to sit in his office and cut these huge farts, especially after lunch.  Cruz would sink his butt deeper into the leather seat to muffle the sound.  Ted was hated by most people at the AG's office, so it gave most people even more reason to avoid him."

"After Cruz quit working for the Attorney General's office, the joke in the office used to be that the new guy got the Cruz chair.  We'd let the new guy go about a week before he was told what he was sitting in."

It's probably a tall tale.  But aren't the 'smelly' stories about the Cuban Canadian the most interesting?