Friday, January 28, 2011

More Bad News

Well it seems that 75 year old Ron Paul is considering a race for the U.S. Senate in Texas.  That is bad news for Raffy since he was hoping to win over all those stylish, attractive 'normal' everyday people who make up the Ron Paul Revolution.

Congressman Paul, who now has poor Ben Bernacke by the cohones thanks to his subcommittee chairmanship, may want to take his one and only shot at being a 'father & son' team in the Senate with freshman Senator Rand Paul.

Plus, Rand may still need Daddy's guidance and permission to do anything.  It seems Dr. & Mrs. Paul may have kept poor Rand in short pants a bit too long.  He is currently walking in his Daddy's steps trying to wipe out half the federal government and convert all our social security checks to gold futures.  Rand could well turn out to be a one term wonder; and the grim reaper is starting to check how much juice is left in Ron Paul's life battery, so Congressman Paul may be a man on a mission.

This puts poor Rafael 'Ted' Cruz playing the role of 'lady in waiting.'  Kind of like waiting at the Havana airport trying to catch the next flight to Miami back in '59.  And just like so many wealthy cuban women learned as they stood at the ticket counter with their jewelry sewn into their fur coats, that plane may never come for Raffy.