Thursday, January 27, 2011


The Austin Stateman's cutie pie Jason Embry has picked up the Marco Rubio theme in his latest column on the Texas U.S. Senate race:

Yes, again we hear the comparisons to Charlie Crist and how South Carolina Senator Jim CeMent likes Rafael 'Ted' Cruz.  Oh, but Texas ain't like the Sunshine State (home of the hanging chad) or as we like to call it, "Flo-ri-duhhh."  But as we have said before, David Dewhurst ain't no Charlie Crist.

The Dew just raced the Voter ID bill out of the Senate so fast the poor Democrats didn't have a chance to inhale and let out a squeal.  Even Senator John Whitmire took a 'Claytie Williams approach' and saw it was inevitable; so he decided to lie back, relax and enjoy it.  And the Ultrasound Bill will be passed and on the Govenror's desk before you can say "Wanna hear your babies hearbeat before you kill it?"  Those will be some awfully big Conservative chits the Dew will have to cash in for 2012. 

Back to Rafael: Yes, they are both Cubanos, but that is where the similarities end.  Marco Rubio is a native American (unlike Cruz), got his higher education in his home state (unlike Cruz) and has had a decade in elective office before running for the U.S. Senate, again unlike Cruz. Rubio has led a legislative body - just like Dewhurst and unlike Cruz.

And now that he is a U.S. Senator, Rubio has declined to join the Tea Party Caucus and has figured out Jim CeMent and Michelle Bachmann are brainless psychos who attract the odd and the dangerous to their ranks.  But here is the real secret to Rubio's success:  he's good looking, thin and wears a photo of himself on all his suits:

Raffy's mug on a suit?  Not good, not pretty.  But back in Canada, they don't do this 'cause you have to stay bundled up all the time.  Once again Raffy, your homeland calls you!  And besides, in the swimming pool, yelling "Mar-co....Cru-zi-o!"  just falls flatter than Cruz' election chances.  In Florida, "Marco Polo" has now become "Marco..Ru-bi-o" as Floriduh's favorite poolside past time.  That is something a "Hah-vahd" degree just can't buy.