Monday, January 31, 2011

Cruz Campaign Issue Derailed

Well, well it looks like U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson launched the initial ruling against Obamacare without the wisdom or sage legal knowledge of Rafael 'Ted' Cruz.  Amazing!

Now, this baby has got to wind it's way through the courts all the way up to John Roberts & the Supremes.  But it will be essentially decided before Raffy could ever get to the U.S. Senate.  So without his "export" litigation skills and his "Hah-vahd" connections being needed, what good would his lack of experience provide in the USS come January 2013 on the issue if health care?

Answer: Nothing whatsoever.

But in Canada, their healthcare is all screwed up.  There was the guy who needed a heart transplant over in Winnipeg - and they tried to put the transmission of a '64 Chevy in his chest.  That sounds like a job for Super Cubanos Lawyer!