Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cruz plant knife in Senator Cornyn's back

Well Raffy 'Ted' Cruz apparently will sell his soul for a U.S. Senate.  Apparently he may have sold his vote.  Seems he is not willing to say he'd support soon-to-be Senior U.S. Senator for Texas John Cornyn for a leadership post in the Republican Caucus.  Cruz isn't even close to being elected and he's already putting a knife in the back of the man who would be his only Republican colleague.

Why?  Seems Club for Growth darling a super right winger Jim CeMint of South Carolina wants to run for Republican Leader or Whip.  So it begs teh question:  what did Raffy Cruz do to get his endorsement and that of the Club for Growth libertarians? Perhaps committing to throw a fellow Texan overboard in a leadership fight?

Cornyn has stayed out of the primary fight - so far.  It will be interesting to see if Cruz can push him into doing otherwise.