Monday, March 12, 2012

Growing Doubts on the Far Right Fringe

Rumor has it up DC way that poor Rafael 'Ted' Cruz may be losing some steam among some of the very groups that have been pimping him all these months.  With the exception of the nutjobs working for Dick 'Les' Armey - you know the former Majority leader who stabbed Gingrich in the back, got all kids jobs that were dependent on their Daddy being a Congressman - wiser heads in on the far, far right (both of them) have concluded that Raffy is too far back and that more stuff will be coming out on him (drip, drip, drip) for him to move into a position to seriously challenge for the Republican nomination..

Yup as other senate primaries heat up and as big bucks keep getting sucked into the presidential contest, there's not too much left to try to sell a Canadian in Texas - the home of 20 plus media markets.  Seems Santorum's star is on the rise as Raffy Cruz' is on the descent.

Tsk, tsk, who said that national politics wouldn't have a big impact on this race?  Apparently it may, just not the way Raffy thought.