Monday, February 21, 2011

Rumored Poll has Raffy way, way, way, waayyyyy back...

Well a new UT poll about to be released has Raffy 'Ted' Cruz as just an also ran in the U.S. Senate race. Yes, he is in single digits. Apparently just one of many in single digits.

People are ambivalent about poor Raffy - those that have ever heard of him or heard his sophmoric BS. Finally, they just go "uh-uh, no way Jose" and go another direction - any direction actually.

New numbers should be out in a day or so. This won't help fundraising at all. Maybe he needs to post those citizenship papers. Or maybe it's time to begin talks with PM Harper about a graceful way to get home. Maybe he could go head up the 'Hispanic Republicans of Texas/Northern Territories."
Or proclaim himself Texas Ambassador to Saskatoon. Or better yet he could lead a Teddy Roosvelt-style charge to save the Assiniboine Indians from federal oppression in Ottawa. Who knows? Raffy might get himself named an honorary 'Ass.'