Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moron Spin

Only Raffy Cruz could poll 3% of the vote in a poll, place fifth and brag about the great results and claim the race is "wide open." Yup, that is what Raffy's campaign did. Wow. What a world they must live in.

No question they are trying to set this up as a 'David vs. Goliath' or a 'tortoise vs. hare' contest. Raffy thinks he is the tortoise (and Dewhurst the overconfident hare) where Cruz slowly but surely builds momentum to overcome the huge Dewhurst advantage - just like Marco Rubio did. Raffy then whisks across the finish line just in the nick of time to save the Republican Party and America! Yeah. Right.

We think there is a simpler a more logical explanation. One based in reality.

In our prediction for the future, David Dewhurst is the fly swatter like in this photo. And Raffy Cruz? Well, he is the green stuff underneath the fly swatter. Yup. Poor Raffy doesn't understand that at 3% he's not a contender, he's not a factor, he's a nuisance.

Contenders for a federal office in a huge state have to have name ID, crediblity and a wad of cash. Raffy has none of the above. Oh, Raffy brags about the million plus bucks he raised for his non-campaign for Attorney General in 2009, but we'll explain why that is "N/A" in our next post (along with some other interesting items about Raffy and his campaign finances).