Friday, February 11, 2011

Flash! Raffy Cruz spotted at CPAC!

Well, Raffy's here. Yes Rafael "Ted" Cruz has hit CPAC in DC. So first and foremost, he has pissed off many on the far right such as the Heritage Foundation, the Eagle Forum, the American Family Association, the National Association for Marriage, Focus on the Family, Liberty Counsel, etc. who are boycotting this year's event because a Republican homo group was allowed to participate. As one winger said, "It boils down to this: there is nothing 'conservative' about one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love.’” Wow! Some wingers sure know a lot about man on man action.

Even Senator Jim CeMent is staying away. Recall he's the Senator that Raffy is trying to get to NOT endorse Williams for Senate (you know, the Williams with the shaved head and the idiotic bowties, not the used car salesman).

But Raffy called CPAC an "exciting place to be right now." So if Raffy is trying to get those social conservatives on board, he sure has gone about it a funny way. Oh but remember, it's all about Raffy.

His speeches and comments are sophomoric conservative platitudes. "Liberty," "Fighting for Liberty," "Personal Liberty," Raffy loves the words liberty. He ran down the word "establishment" a bunch and talked about "entrepreneurship." Funny, David Dewhurst is an entrepreneur and Raffy is a litigator. He didn't get the irony.

Raffy even talked about being a Texas Longhorn fan. But Raffy went to Princeton and 'Hah-vahd.' And Texas Governor Rick Perry is the Lone Star State's number one Aggie.
That's no way to get the support of the Governor's political machine in a very crowded Senate contest. Oh - and he made fun of Donald Trump (a dweeb, but a billionaire with a temper and a long memory) and he called Obama a "communist." Oh my.

In just one morning, Raffy has thumbed his nose at Jim CeMent, James Dobson, anti-homo Conservatives, a billioniare and Texas Aggies.

Raffy emceed this afternoon at the conference. Does anyone have a hook they can pull Raffy offstage with - Vaudeville style?

The rest of the Senate field is home in Texas - where people actually live who can vote for a Texas Senator (except Ron Paul, but he's a Congressman and it's Friday, so he has to chase Bernacke around the Fed board room).

Yes, Raffy Cruz is not ready for prime time. Shoot, he's not even ready for Canadian cable. It doesn't get any lower than that.

Maybe Cruz can go meet with the Canadian Ambassador and get a copy of his birth certificate while he's town.