Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A lot of wing nuts who are supporting Rafael "Ted' Cruz for USS are also birthers - you know the conspiracy types who think that President Obama's mother went off and squatted in the Kenyan bush to bring him into this world - then suddenly got on an airplane and raced to Hawaii to claim he was really born in Honolulu.

But Raffy was born in Canada and supposedly migrated to America when he was four. Will Raffy produce his birth certificate and immigration documents? Is he really legal - or was he loaded into the back of a Molson Beer Truck and snuck across the border?

Hmmm...I wonder what part of Canada Raffy was smuggled into the Country from? Did he come by land or by sea (ala Lake Michigan or Superior)? Sure would be nice to see those papers. Maybe we should start the Cruz 'birther' movement. Was there a birth announcement in the Toronto Sun? Maybe the Granma Internacional in Havana? Or the Juventud Rebelde? (Naahh, too communist). One thing is for sure about Raffy: there ain't no Texas birth certificate and that sure creates mystery and suspicion.