Friday, January 21, 2011

Young Men = Big Ambitions

Rafael E. (Ted) Cruz

Fidel Castro

Che Guevera

Fidel Castro, Che Guevera and Raffy/Ted Cruz all had one thing in common:  they each possess/possessed big dreams and big ambitions.  True, the first two were dedicated communists and anarchists and no, Cruz is not a communist (he's at least pro-democracy when he's running for public office in his second home of America, but god forbid what he'd do with his fellow "Hah-vahd" alumni in the USS. ).

It takes big balls to elbow people aside and think you're the one to be in charge.  These first two leave a couple of lessons for semi-young, ambitious types who want to rule the world.  Castro has been running his banana republic (now through his brother) for now 52 years.  And poor Che (stud that he was) ended up being hunted by no less than the likes of our CIA and Nazi War Criminal Klaus Barbie before the President of Bolivia ended up having him killed (he was shot nine times).

Perhaps Texans (and Canadians) should use the lessons of history when judging what can happen when a macho (slightly paunchy) stud offers to run your government for you: they either totally control your life for a half century - or you have to have a third world leader assasinate them.

Any way you slice it, it suggests voters need to keep on lookin' and Raffy should remember this: Highway 83 out of Perryton will take you straight home - to the Canadian border.