Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Countries for the Price of One

Rafael 'Ted' Cruz isn't just Canadian, he's also Cuban.  He loves to break out the violins to talk about how his father escaped communist tyranny.  Bravo for Raffy's Daddy.

But Raffy's Daddy isn't running for office - Raffy is.  It's kind of hard to see how being a Trial Lawyer representing the RGA against Chris Bell is fighting tyranny. From the looks of it, all Teddy has done is be a lawyer and never miss a meal.

That's why Raffy/Teddy returning to Canada makes perfect sense.  That dynamic duo down Havana way, Raul and Fidel Casto, are getting pretty long in the tooth.

Fidel & Raul Castro:  Not lookin' too good.
If their birthdates can be believed, Fidel turns 85 this year, Raul 80.  Yes, the actuarial tables are not on their side.  That's why Raffy could bide his time and lead the revolution from Canada.  Hell, Raffy/Ted probably thinks he could lead two countries at once.  He certainly has an ego as large as Fidel's.

Cruz could turn Havana into a Canadian winter government headquarters.  Shoot, that's where the half of Canada goes this time of year - the half that isn't in Florida (and voting in their elections).  And since Cuba hasn't had anything pesky like say, an election in oh, 100 years or so, Fidel and Raul might just throw him the keys to the front door since Cuba is broke anyway.

Yes, Raffy could be in Ottawa biding his time, maybe even plotting a new Bay of Pigs.  He's certainly got the shape to lead that offensive - and he'd finally have military experience.

Ted Cruz wait not him...

...there.  That's better.  It's hard to tell these two apart.