Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Raffy Cruz and those Republican Lay-dees...

Well, the Republican Women of Texas caravanned to Cowtown recently for their State Convention.  Yup, the old gals came from all corners: Dalhart to Donna and El Paso to Edinburg and all points in between.  And Raffy Cruz had some 'splainin' to do.

Seems at least two dozen or so women had no idea they were on a list of Raffy Cruz supporters and it turns out - they're not!  Seems a right wing ditz named Kaye Goolsby just decided to add people's names to the list and didn't go to the trouble of asking them (we hear wingers and Tea party types do that a lot).

When most Republican women were told of this fact they got really snippy and you could tell by their silence that they weren't thinking good thoughts about Cruz.  Remember, Republican women are always ladies (before happy hour anyway).

There were LOTS of other interesting comments about ol' Raffy among these hardworkin,' hard drinkin,' hard partyin' belles of the GOP.   Here are some direct quotes:

"Cruz seems to be losing his hair fast."

"His pictures must be photoshopped, he looks really plump and pasty faced in person."

"Why do we never see his wife?"

"I don't like all those out of state supporters, makes you wonder who he'd listen to in Washington."

"Is he a U.S. Citizen?"

"He's no Greg Abbott."

"His hair is really getting thin."

"He's put on weight since the last time I saw him at our club."

"Canada?  I thought he was born in Cuba."

"His english is better than I thought it would be."

"With Cruz, we lose!"

"There wasn't much meat in his speech, I was kind of insulted."

"Cruz went to Harvard?  Didn't Obama and Clinton go to Harvard too?"

"I think he had acne very bad as a teenager."

"He DOES look a little on the chubby side."

You gotta LOVE those Republicans ladies!  They can spot a fraud a mile away.  Thanks for the comments gals and thanks for the scotch!